The hull is build with the latest sandwich procedure and high quality materials airex technology, dyneema, unidirectional fibers that substitute the simple glass fabrics and wood increasing the endurance and reducing weight. Carbon, Kevlar, vinyl-ester and epoxy resins are used for special constructs.

The fabrics we use to make the tubes is ORCA 1670 DTEX.


The stringers are built with high-tech materials without the use of wood, while the transverses are GRP sandwich with airex, which substituted wood.

R&D Hull Design

The co operation of Olympic and MEKY gave the opportunity to explore and adapt new methods and technologies. MEKY specializes in hydrodynamic design and research for hulls of any type and size for mono hulls, catamaran, trimaran etc. Dr. A. Madouvalos said that “I believe that Greek R.I.B.’s are some of the most seaworthy R.I.B.’s for their size and for the Greek seas. And that why MEKY decided to contribute and support the hydrodynamic design of the R.I.B.’s that are being manufactured in Greece by doing research with respect to safety, sea worthiness, low emissions and to fuel economy”.

MEKY is using hydrodynamic simulation software and 3D hull models to run some of the experiments virtually during the design process. Also other experiment can take place at Newcastle University labs in U.K. where MEKY is a research partner the past 5 years.

From this co operation Olympic and MEKY presented a new R.I.B. with a new hull design 100% from MEKY, the 8.40 E2 Diamond. This 8.40 m long R.I.B. is designed for high performance (the hull is used for the companies racing R.I.B.) and for leisure.